Thoughts on an episode

As a moderator on Know Your Meme, I have seen KYM change hands from Rocketboom to Cheezburger. It wasn’t a happy change, and people certainly aren’t happy with it, but since I wasn’t a mod back then and I didn’t know better, I hoped it would be a good change, even though I doubted it. . The newer episodes, with Forest and Kristina, were admittedly not as good as the ones before, but it was still interesting nonetheless. I was glad that the video quality didn’t go down drastically. The Cinnamon Challenge episode, the Philosoraptor episode, the Pedobear episode, the Supercut episode…… one by one, they proved my instincts wrong.

And then my worst nightmare came true.

First the Dolan episode. Then the Ermahgerd episode. Then finally, the epitome of bad KYM episodes, the Homestuck episode.

There were leaked pictures from Sarah and Forest. Murmurs on the IRC. The site was excited. The mods, me included, were a bit worried, but still anticipated eagerly. We did not have any say over the episode; only the KYM office knew the plot. And then we all saw it. The episode.

I do not read Homestuck. I see fanart/cosplay stuff posted in the IRC, DPF’s occasional moans about dying characters, papaphill’s reaction to a new update, and all those Nic Cage and Snoop references in Homestuck. I am not a reader of Homestuck, yet I find the fandom fascinating and interesting. I can name a few characters, seen a few ask blogs and under persuasion of DPF, managed to finish Problem Sleuth.

The entire episode added nothing to my knowledge of Homestuck. I could have learned more by Googling. The “Let us tell you about Homestuck” skit only made things worse; in essence, it’s laughing at the Homestuck fandom, not realizing the effects it may cause. The comments only made it worse; lack of research in the plot itself, misuse of in-jokes, lack of proper attribution to pictures just to name a few. It tried too hard to be funny, only to come out as unfunny and misinformed.

I said to DPF, “tumblr will flip once they see this episode.”

DPF replied, “ONLY tumblr?’

And he was right.

The backlash was terrible. The users were happy to see an episode about their favorite fandom, only to become disappointed in the contents. The Homestuckers were outraged at the portrayal of their fandom. The admins and mods, who reads Homestuck, were mad that the team didn’t listen to the suggestions they threw out.

The worst part? I don’t think the Cheezburger staff noticed.

No one was happy.

It was like Gimme Pizza again.

We’re sorry.